Group Workshops

We currently offer a ‘digital’ version of our Story Studio workshops to schools,  homeschoolers and community groups.. Please email us to learn more.

In-Person Workshops

In the past, we have offered 4.5 hour long workshops for small groups or school classes, ages 5-13. These workshops teach students narrative skills, while getting them excited about writing and literacy. Note that this program is currently on hold. If you are interested in being notified when we resume in-person workshops, please email us

How does an
online workshop work?

1) We provide you with a Teacher’s Guide, editing guidelines and other supports. We also provide you with 30 minutes of one-on-one virtual coaching (via Skype or another system) with our instructor.

2) You work with your students, using the StorySheets in the Learn section of the website. You can pick and choose which StorySheets are appropriate for your class. Each student fills out the Sheets, using them as a place to learn skills and work out ideas for their story.
3) Your students write their own stories. Students can also include one picture, if they can scan/photograph it.
4) You collect all the student stories and pictures in digital form. (Either have the students type the stories themselves, or you type the stories based on scans from the students.)  You then put all the typed stories into a single document (Google Docs, Word, etc.) and send it to us, along with any scanned pictures.
5) We format and layout the stories, to create a class anthology to share with your students. The anthology will be in PDF format and freely available for you to share with students and parents.