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These fun-first, one-off workshops are 1-2 hours in length, and are often delivered in partnership with other community organisations. If you’d like to find a program with openings, or organize a group program, please contact us!

Do you live in the Victoria area? Are you interested in learning more about engaging young minds through storytelling activities? Borrow a StoryBox today! Our StoryBox Kits are designed to support learners narrative development and immerse children of all ages in storytelling. Each StoryBox kit contains a variety of 12-15 curated open-ended materials, an Early Learning Guide to Storytelling and placemat activity pages. Plus, a Story Studio/Victoria CCRR professional will help you learn how to use your Storybox with a one-hour introductory workshop.

Story Blocks (Gr. K – 2)
(Basic Narrative Competencies)
Great stories are built on strong foundations. During this one-hour workshop students will be introduced to the fundamentals of oral storytelling and will design their own ‘story block’ – wooden dice with symbols representing different categories included in a story (ie, people, feelings, places, objects, etc). These story blocks will then become a hands-on classroom resource for both individual and group literacy center activities, in both oral and written storytelling, idea generation, and even improv!

Field Guide to Monsters & Superheroes (Gr. K – 8)
(Character Development)
Great stories always start with great characters. We’ll supercharge your students’ creative process and help then create an array of amazing characters. Using our free StorySheets, students will come up with character ideas that they can use as inspiration for stories in the future. At the end of the workshop, we’ll provide each participant with a bound book, collecting all the wild and wonderful characters created by your group to be used in future storytelling.

Atlas of Imaginary Places (Gr. 2 – 8)
(Setting and Descriptive Writing)
Where in your world will this story take place? Using our free StorySheets, students will create a shared world, then write individual descriptions of locations within it. At the end of the workshop, we’ll provide each participant with a bound book, collecting all the amazing places created by your group to be used in future storytelling.

Story Mapping (Gr. 2 – 8)
(Plot Structure)
Stories follow a path – sometimes it’s a well-worn road like a fairy tale, sometimes it’s a place that’s never been travelled to before. This workshop introduces students to the idea of plot and pacing. Each participant will receive a StoryKit. Using this resource (and a bunch of fun activities), we’ll set your students on a course for success.

Scene of the Crime (Gr. 6 – 8)
(Descriptive Writing)
Your mission: write one scene. Your time limit: 90 minutes. Sounds impossible? Not a chance! This workshop will guide students through the process of creating a single, effective scene in a larger story. At the end of the workshop, we’ll provide a bound book that collects the scenes written by your group.

Customized Programs (Various)
We’re always open to working with educators to create a program that specifically meets the needs of learners. And we’re open to trying something new, ranging from combining coding games with storytelling, to writing a choose-your-own-adventure collaboratively with an entire class. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’re happy to brainstorm with you!

For youth in Grades K-8 located in Victoria, BC.

Location: Various
$15 – $25/participant, up to 25 participants; free to participants if subsidized through a community partner

Who can request a workshop? 

Home-schooling / Remote-learning Groups; After-school programs; Public Schools; Private / Independent Schools