Story Shorts

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These fun-first, one-off workshops are 1-2 hours in length, and are often delivered in partnership with other community organisations. If you’d like to find a program with openings, or organize a group program, please contact us!

Field Guide to Monsters / Superheroes (Gr. K – 8)
(Character Development)
Great stories always start with great characters. We’ll supercharge your students’ creative process and help then create an array of amazing characters. 

Atlas of Imaginary Places (Gr. 2 – 8)
(Setting and Descriptive Writing, Collaboration)
Where in your world will this story take place? Using our StorySheets, students will create a shared world, then write individual descriptions of locations within it. There’s a brand new world to discover!

Story Mapping (Gr. 2 – 8)
(Plot Structure)
Stories follow a path – sometimes it’s a well-worn road like a fairy tale, sometimes it’s a place that’s never been travelled to before. This workshop introduces students to the idea of plot and pacing. Each participant will receive a StoryKit. Using this resource (and a bunch of fun activities), we’ll set your students on a course for success.

Customized Programs (Various)
We’re always open to working with educators to create a program that specifically meets the needs of learners. And we’re open to trying something new, ranging from combining coding games with storytelling, to writing a choose-your-own-adventure collaboratively with an entire class. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’re happy to brainstorm with you!

Location:  In-person, Southern Vancouver Island

Cost: $9 – 17 per student 

(Limited number of bursaries available to public schools in SD61/62/63)

Time Required: Approx. 1.5 hour