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We offer 4.5 hour long workshops for small groups or school classes, ages 7-13. We bring our instructor and volunteers into the classroom, and work one-on-one with youth to develop participants’ narrative skills, while getting them excited about writing and literacy. Using our StorySheets as a framework to build their ideas, participants write their own unique stories. We then take these stories and publish them: in our Junior program for younger grades, participants create picture books which we print as bound, illustrated copies, while in the Senior program, participants create individual short stories or scenes that are combined into a digital or print anthology.

Note that we also provide a ‘train the trainer’ version of this workshop, as a unique professional development opportunity for teachers.


For youth in Grades K-8 located in Victoria, BC.

Location: Various
Cost: $1000/class
(Bursaries available)

As a part of this program, you will receive:

Pre-workshop training session with Story Studio staff

In-class workshop time led by Story Studio instructors and supported by our volunteers, (4.5 hours, usually over 2 days)

Educator Guide aligned with BC Curriculum, and StorySheets for each participant

Published copies of student stories

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