Programs and Contests

Our programming is available to youth across Canada. All programs are delivered completely online, using a combination of online classrooms and virtual meetings. Many of our community partner programs are offered at no charge. When we do have to charge a fee, we aim to keep the cost of our programming low for everyone. (We also have a limited number of bursaries available for those in need. Please contact us if you want to learn more about bursaries.

Looking for extra support in your child’s literacy development this year? Register for a block of online one-on-one tutoring sessions with a Story Studio professional! Throughout four sessions, we will focus on supporting your individual child’s literacy skills through fun and engaging storytelling and narrative activities.

Ages 8-17
Ongoing Registration
$120/4 one-hour sessions

Email to register

Are you a young writer with the drive to write, but need some direction? Have you written a story, but it’s not running smoothly? Bring your story in for a tune-up with our experienced instructors and writers! This 4-week series of online workshops and resources will help your stories take off at full throttle! You will have access to an online classroom, where you will learn about plot structure, compelling characters, and other narrative essentials while improving your own story. Story Studio instructors will provide you with advice during weekly one-hour sessions via Google Meet, and also give you the chance to work with experienced local authors and illustrators. At the end of the workshops, all participants will receive a digital anthology composed of completed short stories.

For Ages 8-12, 13-17
1 hour online sessions

$100/4 sessions

Ongoing registration, email for more information

We offer group workshops for schools, homeschoolers and community groups. You can learn more about these workshops here.

Monthly Writing Contests

Daily Writing Prompts

31 Days of Writing!
Need something to kick start your stories? We’ve made a writing challenge for every day of the month! (You can download the challenges by clicking the red button on the right.)  Follow along with the daily writing prompts and send us your story when it’s finished!