Stories from Young Writers

The Story Studio Writing Society began in 2011 to bring creativity and confidence into children’s lives by giving them the tools to tell stories of their own, in their own words and with their own illustrations. Since then, we’ve helped young authors create thousands of publications. You can read some of these stories by exploring our writing gallery below!

Contest Anthologies

Each month, we challenge youth across Canada to respond to our theme, and create a piece of amazing writing. Every entry is collected into an anthology – and our panel of judges awards prizes to the best submissions! You can read previous anthologies below, and enter the current contest here.


More tales for 2024!


Tales of adventure await us in 2023!


From Snow Days and Mountain Adventures to TV Show Pitches and Graphic Stories, this year’s story themes are all about fun and creativity!


Whether it’s staying Overnight at School, facing Monsters & Creatures or simply Spreading the Love, this year’s stories are centred around connecting with one another!


Dive into Ocean Adventures or explore Stories from the Future in this year’s exploration and adventure-themed stories!


Quarterly magazines from the Guild of Young Writers program. (Learn more about the Guild.)

Special Programs

We partner with community organisations, classrooms and arts groups to run amazing writing programs for youth. (You can see the results of some of these programs by downloading the anthologies below.) We also work one-on-one with youth in our Story Coaching programs. If you are interested in any of our special programs, please email us.

StoryMaker Student Books

Each year, we work with dozens of schools and community groups throughout Vancouver Island. Students in these programs create their own stories, which we then publish as individual books. (You can learn more about the StoryMaker program here).

Ash and Isabelle's Great Adventure

By Lola

Ash and Isabelle were with their parents in the castle when they heard a roar. Ash and Isabelle are the Prince and Princess of the castle, their parents are the King and Queen… Keep Reading!

The Amazing Frog

By Alexander

Famos got stuck in the jungle, while climbing, and playing around. He tried to get out. He struggled so much he fell asleep. Famos was a black and blue frog. Famos lived in the jungle by himself… What Happens Next?

Lou Finds a Unicorn

By Levi

Lou is throwing a ball against the wall in her backyard. Lou is a tall seven-year-old girl with brown hair. She always wears a purple shirt with a red heart. Lou is good at swimming and walking around. She is afraid of wolves, and she really wants to have a unicorn… Continued Here!