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Almost 10,000 kids have written stories with Story Studio since we started. You can sample a few of them here.

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Download an anthology of our April contest entries, by young authors ages 5-13. Thanks to Orca Books for providing prizes to our winners!

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Have you ever done something that you wish you could just go back and stop yourself from doing? It’s called regret, and it can come back to bite you like a spider. 

Read ‘A Haunted Sunset’ by Levi (PDF)

Can playing pranks win you an election?

Read ‘Are We Any Better’ by Lily (PDF)

Super Hamburger is eight years old and he looks like a hamburger. He has two pieces of bread, meat, ketchup, mustard and cheese. He is really good at skiing, snowboarding and flying. He wanted to get his extra big snowboard back…

Read ‘The Hamburger’s Adventure’ by Liam (PDF)

It was a calm, quiet night in the pine forest. The stars were out and the only sound was the rushing of a nearby river where Midnight found the remains of a recently killed salmon. Midnight is a raven who was born in the forest and has lived her whole life there…

Read ‘Midnight in the Fire’ by Bailey (PDF)

Shimmer is a very peaceful rainbow dragon. She is very scared of being taken away from the waterfall. The waterfall is in the magical woods. Shimmer watches the pink fish swimming in the ravine. Suddenly, people grab Shimmer with ropes…

Read ‘Shimmer’s Escape’ by Wren (PDF)

Buddy is a blob of slime who wears a red hat. He lives in a town full of humans. His family is the only slime family living out in the country. How can he make friends?

Read ‘The Slim Family’ by Gavyn

Souzy is a nice witch – but what will she do when a hungry shark appears?

Read ‘Souzy’s Spells’ by Farah

No one knows how the war had begun, but it had. There had just been a battle. Seara and the Sun Dragon army had not won, but neither had the Shadow Dragons. What will happen when they meet again?

Read ‘Sun Vs. Shadow’ by Tristan

Will was swimming faster than he had ever before. He was a blue whale and he was nine years old. He was very fast and a quick thinker. Will was always excited to learn new things in the ocean. But what happens when he becomes lost?

Read ‘Will the Whale’ (PDF)