“Thank you for telling us how to take our experiences and showing how to mesh them together to make a story.

Thank you so so so much for helping us write cool stories!

Thank you for inspiring me to make my story better and helping me!

Thank you for all the good ideas you gave me to be a better writer!

Thank you so much for coming and teaching us how to write these awesome stories.”

Students, Grade 7-8, Spencer Elementary


“I really loved how they helped us to improve our writing. I’ve never written this good before. I’m so happy that we did this with our class.”                         

    12-year-old Student


“I think that as teachers we often get caught up in the writing and spelling and lose sight of the students’ creativity. They were free to be as creative as they wanted. They also became authors which made them very proud. The students enjoyed the process and loved to read the final results.”

Kindergarten Teacher, Victoria West Elementary


“They use strategies that were introduced to them during the workshop and I refer back to it a lot in our writing activities too.”

                                                  Grade 4 Teacher, Tillicum Elementary


“What a joy to watch their faces when their story was being read. They beamed. The children loved hearing the other children’s stories too!”

                                                      Kindergarten Teacher, Torquay Elementary


“Writing is very challenging to teach as a classroom contains students at a variety of levels. It was also great to have experts there helping out. Furthermore, the fact that there were so many adults there to help and guide students through the process was extremely beneficial. Teaching writing and editing with one teacher and 28 to 30 students is next to impossible.”    

                                                    Grade 5 Teacher, Torquay Elementary


“The kids were SOOOOO excited to see their books. They’re STILL reading them and showing them to everyone.”                    

Grade 7 Teacher, John Stubbs School