Sean Rodman (Executive Director)
Sean has worked in the non-profit field for over twenty years. He has also written several books for reluctant readers which have been published around the world. He feels lucky that Story Studio lets him combine his passions for making non-profits successful and writing for kids. Best. Job. Ever.

Tina Novak (Workshop Facilitator)

Tina is a teacher and a parent to three kids. She is an enthusiastic and skillful educator with a passion for kids and learning.

Naomi Shields (Program Coordinator)
Naomi has held various roles in Story Studio over the years. A life long bibliophile with a special interest in children, she brings energy, vision and commitment to Story Studio’s celebration of children’s creativity, potential and achievements.

Board of Directors (2018-2019)

Paisley Aiken
Paisley is the founder of the Story Studio. She has a love of books, creativity and the outdoors. Her three young boys keep her fueled and on her toes.

Christina Novak
Tina is a teacher and a parent to three kids. She is an enthusiastic and skillful educator with a passion for kids and learning.

Kirstie Hudson
Kirstie is an award-winning journalist based in Victoria. She worked for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for 15 years as a researcher, writer, reporter, host and producer in news and current affairs.

Alyssa Polinsky
Alyssa brings to the board nearly 15 years experience in strategic communications in the public, academic and non-profit arts sectors. She has led communications for both public and academic libraries, and is passionate about storytelling and reading.

Sarah Tarnopolsky
Sarah loves reading and writing but sometimes has to put down her books to do outdoor activities or go to her day job as a communications officer (a.k.a story-weaver) at the University of Victoria.

Veena Sidhu
Veena is a mother of twin girls and a manager in the financial services industry. She has a passion for financial literacy and often volunteers her time to present financial literacy programs within the community.

Jan Dupuis
Jan Dupuis has worked in community program development for 30 years, the last 10 years being in literacy. Jan’s life was deeply affected by being an avid reader from a very early age and that continues to this day. She is also enjoying spending time on her personal writing and story ideas. Her support of
early learning and creative opportunities for children aligns well with her desire to serve on the Board of the Story Studio Writing Society.

Alex van Tol
Alex is a writer, teacher, author and brand strategist. She writes and edits for a variety of clients from universities to film companies. Alex taught middle school for eight years before moving into full-time freelancing.