We’re looking for business supporters that will engage creatively with us, help our organisation innovate and grow and help us to have the greatest impact possible.  Business supporters play a key role in sustaining Story Studio: we benefit from their financial support; they help raise public awareness of our work; and they provide in-kind donations that support our initiatives.

Sponsorship Benefits
Sponsoring Story Studio can benefit your business in a number of ways:

Connect with new customers
↳ We will recognize and promote you in our communications with the Story Studio community, which includes over a thousand youth and families, as well as dozens of teachers and educators.

Engage your employees
↳ We have a range of interesting volunteer opportunities for your employees, from helping out in the classroom to selecting the best student stories to showcase online.

Increase your profile as a community supporter
↳ We will work with you to creatively celebrate your role as a supporter of Story Studio.  This could include in-store displays of young writers’ work from Story Studio; or providing content to your company’s newsletter or website, on subjects such as selecting great books for budding writers, or how to encourage a reluctant reader.

Engage your customers
↳ Our staff and volunteers – including local authors and educators  – can deliver presentations and workshops to customers on a range of topics (eg. finding the creative spark and idea generation; ‘behind the scenes’ of the writing process; or tips for encouraging young writers)

If you represent a business or organization that would like to be involved with us, please contact our Executive Director, Sean Rodman (sean.rodman@storystudio.ca)