The Chick

by Hannah (Grade 1/2)


Chicklet was trying to lay an egg but she didn’t know what an egg was.

Chicklet was a chicken who lived in a forest. She was trying to lay the egg in her nest in front of a waterfall.

Chicklet felt surprised when she saw the egg, and said, “What is this?”

So, she called her friend Egg. She thought that Egg would know about eggs because her name was Egg. Egg came over. She had no idea what an egg was, too. They thought it was a ball, and they tossed it back and forth. Then they got bored, so they talked to the egg.

Chicklet and Egg asked an eagle if he knew what the egg was.

But he just said, “I have no idea what an egg is!”

So, they went and asked Turtle if she knew what an egg was.

Turtle said, “You should ask Mr. Pat. He knows all about eggs. He laid 100,000 eggs.”

Mr. Pat said, “Eggs are round balls with dots on them… except they crack! And a chick, eagle, turtle or penguin can come out. It can basically lay any animal you are.”

Then they heard a noise. They looked around. It was the egg. There was a crack.

After cracking, the egg had no more shell left. But there was a chick! It was bright yellow.

Egg said, “We should name it.”

“Let’s name it ‘Lemon,’” said Chicklet.

“Why?” asked Egg.

“Because the chick is yellow, and lemons are yellow.”

Then they taught Lemon how to say… boo!

The End