Mr. Sheep and the Wolf

by Chase (Grade 1/2)


Mr. Sheep was peacefully eating fresh grass on the plains with his other sheep friends, who excitedly went, “Baaa.”


Mr. Sheep was ten years old and had lived on the plains since his birth. The plains were a good and calm place to live, most of the time.


Until, one day at sunset, an angry grey wolf suddenly ran from the forest. He was HUNGRY! Mr. Sheep looked up from eating and saw the scary wolf. He felt so afraid that he started to run!


First, Mr. Sheep tried to run into the dark forest to escape the angry wolf. But the wolf knew the forest too well – he couldn’t get away.


Next, Mr. Sheep tried to play dead, and it did not work because the wolf knew he was being fooled.


Mr. Sheep ran faster than the wolf and found a village that had a lot of weapons and tools. He found a blacksmith who gave the sheep a sword. He stabbed the wolf in his chest!


Mr. Sheep felt joyful because he had killed the wolf and could join his friends!


The End