Lucy and the Fairies

by Hailey (Grade 2)

Lucy was walking her pet jellyfish, Lily. Lucy was a mermaid with golden hair and a pink tail.

Lucy and Lily were walking on a rocky path in the ocean and collecting pretty seashells. Just then, Lucy found a shiny seashell.

Suddenly, Lucy realized that she had a meeting with the water fairies. She raced to her grotto. When she went in, she noticed that the water fairies weren’t there!

She thought the sea eels could have trapped her friends. She was scared because the sea eels could be mean to her friends.

Lucy was wandering through her mermaid village trying to find the eels’ cave, but she couldn’t find the eels’ cave anywhere. The cave was in the open ocean and she was not allowed to go that far away.

Lucy found a direction board, but the directions were human directions and she couldn’t read human.

Lucy kept looking for the water fairies and didn’t give up. Just then, she saw a speck of fairy dust. She kept following the fairy dust trail. Soon she came upon the eels’ cave.

She saw the water fairies! Lucy was very happy to have the water fairies back.